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Consumer Retail Installment Contracts

Quality Acceptance was founded on the realization that people do not plan for bad credit. A period of unemployment, medical issues, divorce and numerous other circumstances can easily cause good people to fall behind on their payments. The resulting damage to their credit rating can occur quickly and and be very stressful. Even without "bad credit," many banks are hesitant to lend money to someone who has not established a credit history: someone who has never paid a retail installment contract before.

Quality Acceptance recognizes that people have credit hardships or have just begun their credit history, so we look for other reasons to believe that our customers will make their payments. We look for stable employment and/or residence that will be enough to set our customers up for success with affordable retail installment contract options and payments. This in turn will afford them better credit and greater opportunities in the future.

If you have recently found yourself with a retail installment contract from Quality Acceptance then we congratulate you and welcome you to the family!

Looking to Pay Your Retail Installment Contract?

We make it easy for you to pay your auto retail installment contract by offering many simple payment options that are easy to understand.

Your Credit Score

Quality Acceptance wants to help you maintain and build a healthy credit score! We are committed to regularly reporting your payment history to the three main credit bureaus. When you pay your retail installment contract on time, we report positive information to the bureaus to help increase your score. This aids in the establishment of a healthy and strong credit history which will be invaluable in future credit transactions making it easier to purchase your next car, your next home or rent your next apartment.

We offer:

  • Regular credit reporting
  • Reporting to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion
  • Automatic withdrawal to avoid late payments

Relax with our Insurance

Did you know that when your car is financed by Quality Acceptance, you are required to maintain automobile insurance?

Your contract, states you must have insurance that includes comprehensive and collision coverage for the entire duration of your retail installment contract. You must provide evidence of valid insurance upon request. Avoid defaulting on the terms of your contract by maintaining the required coverage. This requirement can be satisfied if you obtain your own independent insurance or if you obtain insurance coverage through Quality Acceptance.

Quality Acceptance places comprehensive insurance requirements with State National Insurance to provide you with limited physical damage insurance! This includes maximum deductibles of $500, and the option to add this insurance incrementally to your retail installment contract to protect your car.

If you have received a notice regarding your insurance policy such as a request for proof of insurance, cancellation or a non-renewal letter, please provide us with a copy of your existing insurance policy or call us today to set up insurance coverage for you through our insurance provider Western General. Contact us today at: